[Openswan Users] KLIPS and iptables policy match

John A. Sullivan III jsullivan at opensourcedevel.com
Wed Mar 30 18:41:14 EDT 2011

Hello, all.  Does the iptables policy match, e.g., "-m policy --strict
--dir in --pol ipsec --proto esp --mode tunnel," match esp packets using
KLIPS or just netkey?

We continue to plug away at the ISCS project for managing large, complex
security environments as a whole entity rather than individual
firewall/gateway management (http://iscs.sourceforge.net).  Thus, it is
helpful for us to be able to write rules which work on multiple
platforms, e.g., netkey and KLIPS.

I've also asked on the StrongSWAN list just in case the implementation
is different.  Thanks - John

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