[Openswan Users] Where did routes go with Openswan 2.6.31?

Greg Scott GregScott at Infrasupport.com
Thu Mar 10 00:55:10 EST 2011

Using Openswan 2.6.31 on Fedora 14, when I start up the tunnel, I no
longer see a route to the other side.  The tunnel works, but 

     ip route show 


no longer shows a route to the other side.  This is new behavior - is it
expected?   Running ipsec auto -status does show the path to the other


I noticed this because I've been using an updown script that changes the
MTU of the route to 1400 and I started noticing errors like this when
starting up:


Mar  9 16:55:36 DRsite-fw pluto[2911]: "DR-Everywhere" #6: up-client
output: RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory


Putting in a bunch of debug echo commands in my updown script, I found
the error happens when I was messing with the route to the other side -
which I finally noticed no longer exists.   So I just commented out my
updown= line in my conn definition for now and all seems to work as
expected.   I reduced the MTU to 1400 because I had some tunnels crash
several years ago when some Windows apps tried to send 1500 byte
packets.  The cure was to make the MTU smaller, so then Windows would
send smaller packets.  Is this no longer an issue?




-          Greg Scott


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