[Openswan Users] Trouble Getting L2TP Working

Will Roberts ironwill42 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 21:01:41 EDT 2011

On 06/19/2011 08:48 PM, The Cr0w wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to get L2TP working with Openswan but having some
> difficulties.  Right now, when I run
> ipsec auto --up giganews
> I immediately get an error message stating
> Whack: is Pluto running?  connect() for "/var/run/pluto/pluto.ctl"
> failed (111 Connection refused)

Did you run the command as root or using sudo?

> ipsec verify also shows that pluto fails.  I'm not sure why it is
> failing, however.  I've looked around on the web and everything seems to
> point to error logs should be in /var/log/secure with more details,
> but there currently is not a /var/log/secure log file.  I then tried to
> see where logging is configured,  There also doesn't appear to be an
> /etc/syslog.conf on the system.  The base OS is Backtrack 5 which is
> based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Debian based distros use /var/log/auth.log so take a look there.


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