[Openswan Users] Apple's AFP and Bonjour via Openswan?

Hydro Meteor hydrometeor at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 08:39:17 EDT 2011

Hello all -

I have Openswan 2.6.28 running successfully (netkey, psk, xl2tpd 1.2.8 with
ppp using chap-secrets for auth) and am using a MacBook (running OS X
10.6.7) to connect as a road warrior. So far so good, but I'm wondering if
its at all possible for Apple's service discovery protocol, Bonjour, to work
through an established tunnel? I don't really expect it to but it would be
nice if there were a way to do this. I have a Mac running Mac OS X Server on
the same subnet that my machine running Openswan server resides on (and for
which L2TP provides a pool of IP addresses for to road warriors). Mac OS X
Server has some nice services which can avail of Bonjour, for example, to
automatically present to the Road Warrior configuration options with almost
zero friction (this happens when my Road Warrior is on the same subnet
directly instead of using VPN). But when I connect to the subnet via
Openswan I don't get the same configuration options automatically presented
to me, and I also don't see my server name show up automatically in the OS X
Finder of the Road Warrior machine's list of Shard servers via AFP (Apple
File Protocol) :-(    Has anyone had success in this arena?


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