[Openswan Users] Transport mode using certificates

S, Senthilprabu (NSN - IN/Bangalore) senthilprabu.s at nsn.com
Tue Jul 19 05:48:24 EDT 2011

Hello All,
    I am a newbie to Openswan. Please point me to the existing thread if
similar question was discussed. 

I am trying to setup secured IPSec connection between two Linux machines
in same subnet. So it will be based on transport mode using Openswan. I
was able to establish connection using pre-shared key. But I wanted to
establish transport mode using self signed certificate. Can anyone in
this group tell me whether transport mode connection using certificate
(RSA/x.509 ) is possible using Openswan. If yes, please let me know the
document or link description this configuration?.

Best Regards,
Senthil Prabu.S

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