[Openswan Users] Openswan ipsec tunnel reestablishment

Vasanth Ragavendran ragavendra.2007 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 04:53:02 EDT 2011


I am using openswan 2.6.29 with the kernel being I've set the
keylife and ikelifetime to default values and rekey to yes. So when the
IPSec re-establishes the tunnel after the keylife period expires is there
any way to check if the IPSec tunnel is up after the keylife expiry. What i
mean to say is there any way to indicate a difference between the tunnel
which was existing during the previous keylife period and the current
keylife period! Is there any variable which will indicate this difference or
does it show up in "ipsec auto --status" command. Hope i made it clear.
Awaiting response. Plz help!

Thanks and Regards
R.Vasanth Ragavendran.
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