[Openswan Users] no SA for saref=1

Alin Artiom Kenibasov eu at artiom.ro
Thu Jan 27 06:15:24 EST 2011


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> From: Paul Wouters [mailto:paul at xelerance.com]
> Subject: Re: [Openswan Users] no SA for saref=1
> You are using protostack=mast?

It seems that it was the default value for that version of OpenSWAN or only
for my setup,

> If this is just a single subnet-subnet tunnel, I would use
> instead and not bother with SArefs.
> Try protostack=klips instead?

I did this and it worked. Thank you very much, now my tunnel is stable.

With best regards, Artiom Alin Kenibasov
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