[Openswan Users] Multiple Gateways

sertys at estates.bg sertys at estates.bg
Wed Jan 19 06:34:42 EST 2011

If you do a static 2x2 division of the traffice for each branch, it's
easy. Get the dsl line into the same machine openswan is currently running
on and add the interface declaration to your ipsec.conf. The other
solution is dynamic dns-based loadbalancing, which is a bit harder to
implement. I suggest you get the dsl line working and you will have the
setup working in no time. Just watch out for left/leftnexthop parameters
in connection declaration and make sure encrypted traffic get properly

> Hi
> At the moment I have 1 dsl link that I use to link 4 branches to my
> headoffice, the 4 branches use a road warrior config to connect at the
> Branches have Dynamic IP address, the head office has a Static IP addres.
> Due to the increase in Traffic over the vpn i am looking at adding an
> other dsl link and having 2 branches on each link
> How would I modify my ipsec to accommodate this
> Would I have to setup seperate nic's for each link as they would be
> different gateways?
> thanks
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