[Openswan Users] Multiple RoadWarrior Connection TYPES

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Jan 6 22:18:19 EST 2011

On Wed, 5 Jan 2011, Richard Schmidt wrote:

> An update on where I'm at with this conundrum:
> Using a static IP for the XAUTH client allows Openswan to differentiate between L2TP (below the XAUTH conn, but using "right=%any") and XAUTH clients. I was able then to connect L2TP (on data network IPs) and XAUTH (most of the way... still some problems) with neither connection commented out.
> However, that does not help the situation much. It only confirms my earlier stance that Openswan is not applying the entirety of the connection configuration before committing to a pass/fail state, rather than attempting other viable connections instead.

It's not always possible, due to the way Main Mode works. If it is possible, pluto will attempt it (AFAIK)

> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: Sending XAUTH Login/Password Request
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: Sending XAUTH Username/Password request (XAUTH_R0)
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: User dude: Attempting to login
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: md5 authentication being called to authenticate user dude
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: password file (/etc/ipsec.d/passwd) open.
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: checking user(dude:XAUTH-PSK-NAT)
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - XAUTH: User dude: Authentication Successful
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - transition from state STATE_XAUTH_R1 to state STATE_MAIN_R3
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - STATE_MAIN_R3 sent MR3, ISAMP SA established
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - Dead Peer Detection (RFC 3706): enabled
> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - received MODECFG message when in state STATE_MODE_CFG_R1, and we aren't xauth client

Did you specify xauthclient=yes and modecfgclient=yes ?

> XAUTH-PSK-NAT - received Delete SA payload: deleting ISAKMP State #1

thats the remove client giving up and sending a delete request.

> A final thought in regards to determining the difference between connection types: do you think that use of certificates would remedy the issue? I figure that XAUTH certificates would be presented in a different way, making it easier for Openswan to determine the type of connection when in my XAUTH conn "right=%any"
> I've been stuck on this problem for weeks. Any ideas would be great.

You'd have a better chance making one connection aggressive mode, and the other main mode.
But you should leave the l2tp one in main mode, as that's what clients assume.


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