[Openswan Users] IPV6 ipsec connection question.

Gary Smith gary.smith at holdstead.com
Mon Feb 14 16:29:18 EST 2011

> conn foo
> connaddrfamily=ipv6
> left=2001:470:xx:xx::xx
> leftsubnet=2001:470:xx:xx::/64
> right=2001:470:yy:yy::yy
> rightsubnet=2001:470:yy:yyy::/64
> leftrsasigkey=[key material here]
> rightrsasigkey=[key material here]
> auto=start
> If you omit either or both subnets, only traffic destined to the
> specified host (or hosts in the case in which both submets are omitted)
> is subject to the IPSec tunnel.
> Obviously, a subnet of any size (e.g., /48) can be specified; I'm using
> /64 in the above example.
> > Also, if the firewall/primary router isn't the VPN
> > concentrator (i.e. the VPN sits inside the DMZ), how do you route in
> > that case?
> The hosts which require the IPSec tunnel have to route the traffic to
> the machine which is providing the tunnel. You could for example turn
> off router advertisements on the primary router, configure radvd on the
> machine which is running Openswan, and set up a default route from that
> to the primary router. This way, hosts on the local network will all
> acquire default routes referring to the machine running Openswan, which
> we assume has a static IPv6 address and a default route pointing to the
> gateway to the outside.
> I hope this advice proves useful.


This is very useful. I just needed to know a) if it could be done and b) what it needed to look. The routing is a bit more of a problem, but I can overcome that by setting it to route the destination IPV6 blocks through the Openswan, except for default gateway, which is through an IPV6 Tunnel. It should work though.

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