[Openswan Users] klips - tunnel established but can not ping the other end

Curu Wong prinbra at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 04:09:49 EST 2011

Finally I figured out why.

1. eroute empty  after successful SA.
This is very strange , using openswan v2.6.31 and v2.6.32, if I set
protostack=auto, and modprobe ipsec, the tunnel can be brought up, but
eroute entry  will be empty.
set protostack=klips explicitly, and restart ipsec service, then eroute
entry will show up.

2.  packet arrive via tunnel but no response come back.
This was caused by kernel Reverse Path Filtering, disable rp_filter, problem
for i in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/*/rp_filter; do echo 0 > $i; done
in sysctl.conf

2011/1/31 Curu Wong <prinbra at gmail.com>

> Problem: I create a host to host vpn tunnel, when use the native netkey
> stack, the tunnel works perfectly without any problem, but when I change the
> stack from netkey to klips on one end, the tunnel can be successfully bulit,
> but it can't send packet back to the other end.
> Here is my setup:
> hostA( ---->GW(,no
> NAT,>
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