[Openswan Users] better kernel configuration

Jean-Francois Couture jfcouture at devsys-inf2001.com
Thu Apr 21 13:10:55 EDT 2011


That is what I have built here.

Gentoo with kernel-2.6.37-r4 using netkey ans some iptables rules.

everything is woring great.

Oh what I can remeber, you will need the AH, ipcomp, esp modules compiled in 
the network options section.
And the cryptographic libs as needed for your connexion.


Jeff C.

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From: Felipe Alcacibar
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Hi, i am trying to install openswan in a gentoo linux server, with
kernel 2.6.38 (and the amazing improve of this version of kernel), but
i don't know and i cannot find documents about how is the best
configuration for the kernel at this version, i want to ask about if
in the kernel 2.6.38 (or the lastest usable) does not uses klips
anymore? just netkey, and what about nat traversal, it uses too here?
how patches i need to use, or i don't need patches, and what modules
replace the patches?.

hope someone could explain because is very hard to find good and
updated documentation about openswan kernel configuration.

have a nice day, cheers!

Felipe Alcacibar Buccioni
Users at openswan.org
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