[Openswan Users] lost one of two connections

Vadim chmind at yandex.ru
Sun Sep 19 10:07:26 EDT 2010

  17.09.2010 19:18, Paul Wouters пишет:
> On Fri, 17 Sep 2010, Vadim wrote:
>>> For example, is it normal?
>> And what about this part of logs:
> Show the logs without plutodebug=
> Paul
I have set:

And now i see almost every minute:

Sep 19 18:02:29 vpn pluto[5125]: "net" #2: max number of retransmissions 
(2) reached STATE_QUICK_I1. No acceptable response to our first Quick 
Mode message: perhaps peer likes no proposal
Sep 19 18:02:29 vpn pluto[5125]: "net" #2: starting keying attempt 2 of 
an unlimited number
Sep 19 18:02:29 vpn pluto[5125]: "net" #5: initiating Quick Mode 
PSK+ENCRYPT+TUNNEL+PFS+UP+IKEv2ALLOW to replace #2 {using isakmp#1 
msgid:6590ba9b proposal=3DES(3)_192-SHA1(2)_002 

But ipsec network works, and i can ping other side, for example.

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