[Openswan Users] Problem in connection

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sun Oct 24 10:50:05 EDT 2010

On Sun, 24 Oct 2010, kian wrote:

> Hello,
> I used from below configure for tunnel, Please tell me how to up tunnel for this connection?
> Thanks.
> conn second-subnet
> 	rightsubnet=second_right_subnet
> 	also=base-conn
> conn first-subnet
> 	rightsubnet=first_right_subnet
> 	also=base-conn
> conn base-conn
>         left=ip_left
>         right=ip_right
>         leftsubnet=left_subnet
>         auto=start

they should come up because of the auto=start. You can do it manually with
ipsec auto --up first-subnet

If it is already half-up and there is a problem, you will see it better if you do:

ipsec auto --replace first-subnet
ipsec auto --up first-subnet

Personally, I never put the auto= keyword in an also= section. First, you cannot 
flip individual conns that include the same also, but second you might get an
error when the base-conn tries to go up, which might not be what you want
(in this case a host-subnet tunnel)


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