[Openswan Users] site to site VPN hangs at phase 1 openswan/ubuntu

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Oct 6 23:52:40 EDT 2010

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010, matt.bazan at comcast.net wrote:

> hi all - seeing the following after attempting to bring up my site to
> site tunnel between two ubuntu server (10.0.4) boxes.  see same output
> on both tunnel endpoints.  what should i check for?

I dont see anything, what does this say:

ipsec auto --replace SF-To-Trenton
ipsec auto --up SF-To-Trenton

> note - the leftid@ entry in ipsec.conf is not a valid DNS name
> (meaning it cannot be publicly resolved).  does this matter?

The "@" means it is a string, not a hostname,

> also, the servers have different version of openswan even though ive
> updated both of them and they are fresh openswan installs.  left
> server has openswan U2.6.22/K2.6.31-14.  right server is
> U2.6.23/K2.6.32-24.  again, should this matter?

Should work fine.


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