[Openswan Users] net-to-net with multiple subnets, unrouted

kallen at groknaut.net kallen at groknaut.net
Tue Nov 23 03:27:29 EST 2010

On Tue, 23 Nov 2010, Paul Wouters wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Nov 2010, kallen at groknaut.net wrote:
>> 1) on the linux gateway host, what is the correct way to tell it to route
>>   packets thru the tunnel? there are a few incantations of "route add".
>>   i think i've done it correctly, but i'd like to verify.
> You should not need to do any manual "route add" commands. If you are doing them
> manually, you are more likely breaking it further.

ah! noted.

>> 2) why do 3 out of 4 of my "connections" show as "unrouted; eroute owner: #0"?
>>   and why does the linux gateway keep trying to, i think, negotiate add'l
>>   IPSEC SAs? and why do those attempts fail? is it a misconfig on my end, a
>>   misconfig on the Juniper end? or an interop problem?
> Can you show some more logs here?

yep. do you want plutodebug="all"? if so, i've got a 4300+ lines of log
(347K uncompressed). ok to send it to list?

>> 3) when sending packets from the left to the right, why the following?
>>   - ping succeeds from left to right
>>   - netcat hitting a TCP port works (if i provide a source address)
>>   - telneting to that same port does NOT work (i can't provide source
>>     address to the telnet command)
> Because your gateway automatically uses its "nearest IP" to talk to the remote
> subnet, which in your case is your public ip. This public ip is not part of the
> tunnel, so it fails. Add leftsourceip=YourInternalIP and it will create the
> proper route for you to use its internal IP to talk to the remote subnet.

noted. thanks!

after using leftsourceip, keeping my hands off the routes, and firing
it up, i have a route to one of the two rightsubnets:   UG    0      0        0 eth1

but how to get routes for all rightsubnets? probably is a symptom of the
problem in #2 above.


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