[Openswan Users] can ping from one side of tunnel but not from theother

Randy Wyatt rwyatt at nvtl.com
Thu Nov 18 00:17:37 EST 2010

Have you run ipsec verify?

Do you have forwarding enabled?

What iptables rules are you using?


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Subject: [Openswan Users] can ping from one side of tunnel but not from theother
Have a basic left hand side/ right hand side tunnel.  i can ping from the right hand side LAN IP of firewall running openswan (not behind NAT device) to left hand side LAN IP of openswan server (again, not behind NAT device) but am unable to ping from left hand LAN to right hand LAN.  using UFW for firewall setup and both sides have same rule sets.  have verified ipsec.conf config.  what could i be missing?  according to logs tunnel is up on both ends (ping wouldnt work from either side if this were the case, correct?) thx-

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