[Openswan Users] disable_port_floating and NAT-T

Mark Ryden markryde at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 13:59:06 EST 2010


I tried to set disable_port_floating=yes in ipsec.conf,
and I saw that the traffic is without UDP encapsulation, even though
it should have been (I use forceencaps=yes). When I turn
I get traffic **with** UDP encapsulation ( on port 4500)

My question is : what is the difference between  forceencaps=no and
disable_port_floating=yes? Or to put my question more accurately: what is
disable_port_floating=yes for ? when should I use it ? is
there any difference from functional point of view between disabling
nat traversal by nat_traversal=no and disabling nat traversal by

Best Regards,

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