[Openswan Users] assistance with atypical configuration

Frank Temple ftfranklintemple at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 12:30:08 EST 2010

I am investigating how to configure the network detailed below. I am aware
that some manual scripting may be required. All of the hosts are using


There are four hosts. The tunnels are detailed with the lines above. The
objective is to permit A to communicate with D through B or C. A needs to
route to D in the morning via B and in the afternoon via C. This is the part
where I assume some manual scripting may be required. I can do that part, I
just need to learn what needs to be done. The private IP for D should be the
same for A independent of the tunnel (B,C) selected.

I have been testing some configurations so far that do not accomplish every
aspect of my objective. The area where I need specific assistance most seems
to be in handling the overlapping subnets that I am creating to route
traffic to D. For instance, from A's perspective, both B and C have subnets
of so that A can route to D ( through either host.

When the switchover from one tunnel to another occurs, I need to ensure that
no data is lost and traffic continues uninterrupted.

I am happy to provide more detail if required.
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