[Openswan Users] UDP keepalives

sertys at estates.bg sertys at estates.bg
Sun May 30 18:19:14 EDT 2010

>> From:  <sertys at estates.bg>
>> Would a setup of custom udp pings every 80 seconds keep the udp hole
>> open
>> on a NAT gateway. My initial thought is to have empty packets sent to
>> the
>> negotiated port from `ipsec auto --status`
> I wouldn't count on the NAT gateway keeping the hole open if there's just
> a
> unidirectional packet with no reply from inside the NAT. Depends on the
> I guess.
Sounds like i just have to try it out. Given the fact 3g operators use
whatever settings they like for their routers it might pose a kinky task.
>> The roadwarriors are nokia VPN clients.
> As in, Symbian phones? Could you please post your config? I could use an
> example.
> Mike

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