[Openswan Users] Port floating and DPD

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu May 27 10:55:38 EDT 2010

On Thu, 27 May 2010, sertys at estates.bg wrote:

> I have been setting mobile VPNs for quite some time now. Mappings go
> through the 3g operator's gateway natted. There're moments at which the
> udp-mappings get deleted. It's an operator issue, but they seem to be
> unable to fix it. I'm setting the dpd heartbeat at 120 seconds, which is

dpd heartbeats are not the same as NAT-T keepalives. You should not need DPD
for keepalives.

> enough for the mapping not to be closed under normal conditions. But in
> force majeure the mapping changes. If the SA has been mapped to
> gprs-gate.operator.com:1234, i now receive packets from
> gprs-gate.operator.com:5678. Is there a way to configure strongswan to
> recognize these DPDs and re-map the SA or re-negotiate it. The devices
> keep sending notify messages, but the answer goes to the old mapping.

[I don't know anything about strongswan]

If the port mapping is modified, and you start sending your traffic on a different
port, there is no way openswan can know this is the same connection or a different
client at this point. There might be tricks that can be played, but they should
all work in the light of multipe roadwarriors behind the same nat, rekeys, etc.
Trying out various crypto keys to match the changing ports might not be all that
safe. From a protocol point of view, the IPsec SA should die and a new one should
be started, perhaps assisted with DPD that will kill the old SA.

That middleware machine is severely broken.


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