[Openswan Users] setsockopt recvref[22]: Protocol not available problem in xl2tpd 1.2.4, openswan 2.6.25 , kernwl 2.6.23

Emil Stefanescu emil.stefanescu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 06:42:55 EDT 2010


My goal is to create an ipsec/l2tp server which supports the saref feature.
I managed to get ipsec wotking but now i get that error (setsockopt
recvref[22]: Protocol not available) from xl2tpd.

Here is what i've done.

I patched the 2.6.23. kernel using make kpatch from inside the
openswan-2.6.25. So ipsec is working ok. I have a mast0 interface and

I expected that xl2tpd would work with this setup but it doesn-t.

Before  doing make kpatch i applied the openswan, natt patches by hand but
protostack=mast didn-t work. Now it does.

I think my question is this

Is the openswan.patch generated by 'make kpatch' enough to enable saref in
the kernel or must i apply another patch (maybe saref.patch from
openswan-2.6.25 tree) ?

This because i cannot find in linux-2.6.23/include/linux/in.h(or anywhere
else in the kernel tree for that matter) the line #define IP_IPSEC_REFINFO
22 after the openswan.patch. And i believe this is the cause of the xl2tpd
error. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

No errors were issued  at make kpatch.

Please tell me if you need more info,logs etc.

Thank you for your time.
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