[Openswan Users] Clients/Server Behind NAT

farajian amin amin_o_city at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 03:52:33 EDT 2010

Dear All,

 I have two network topology, and because in both cases NAT is used , i do not know how to config openswan servers and clients. 
I have already have subnet-to-subnet config with x509 for authentication. and I use KLIPS with NAT-T patches.
My openswan Servers and clients have two LAN ports.

The first topology is : (client behind NAT)

(Client Subnet 
 \     Openswan           NAT- 
      Internet      Openswan   (Server Subnet)  
   ...  Client  --------- device  =================== Server ...        /     \  
/       \
      X.X.X.X           Y.Y.Y.Y 

The second topology is: (server and client behind NAT - and i want both sub nets see each others)                                                              
                    \   /                                                                                                                      \   /
    client              NAT- 
NAT-          Server
       openswan  --------- device  =================== device
------ openswan                                                           
                          /     \  
/       \
       X.X.X.X             Y.Y.Y.Y  


Can anybody help me in a template config for both client and server sides in both network topologies.
I really don't know if i need any configuration in NAT devices.. 

Thanks in Advance.

Amin Farajian


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