[Openswan Users] Client 2 Client without base network

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Mon Mar 15 14:06:50 EDT 2010


I am not sure if this is a question for this mailing list, if not please let
me know.

We have an internet server with only 1 physical interface and want to
connect 4(or more) Clients (PCs/Laptops behind ADSL NAT routers) thru VPN to
this internet server. There is no NAT on the internet server.
Only to have a 'direct' connection between the 4 Clients, without hassle of
portforwarding on the ADSL routers, no need to use services from the server
(at this stage, maybe later on we do)
The clients are windows based (XP and Win 7)

The idea is to create a virtual interface with a private address(to simulate
a LAN) on the internet server(either on the physical interface or just a
loopback interface),
I have seen many examples of LAN 2 LAN connection and Client to LAN, but
none of them seem to work for me(I thought I should be okay with Client to
LAN setup, but it didn't)
What type of config would be the easiest to create and have the best chance
of succes ?
Can it be done without iptables or ipchains ?

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