[Openswan Users] Traffic shaping (tc) and Openswan

Kevin White openswan-kevin at kevbo.org
Fri Mar 12 14:59:40 EST 2010

I'm just in research/data gathering mode now.

I've used Openswan to terminate IPSec connections.

Now, I may have need to use traffic shaping to guarantee bandwidth for 
data going over a tunnel.

For example, for all of the data going out of a box on a tunnel, I want 
to separate it into two groups, traffic going to remote IP address A 
then traffic going anywhere else.  Address A gets priority: if data 
needs to go out to A, it goes in front of data heading anywhere else.

How does Openswan sit in the whole Linux networking stack?  Can I do 
traffic shaping on data I'm sending out the VPN?  Does Klips or native 
make a difference?

Thanks for any input and information.


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