[Openswan Users] Is there any way to capture packets from a 3DES-SHA1 tunnel?

Ruben Laban r.laban at ism.nl
Fri Mar 12 02:41:47 EST 2010

On Friday 12 March 2010 at 06:49 (CET), Paul Wouters wrote:
> Usually these things are MTU issues. If your RDP client can send smaller
> udp packets that might help. You might also be able to specify an MTU of
> 1472 or so on the real ethernet interface to end up with slightly smaller
> packets. (there is no clamping for udp and rdp uses udp, nottcp, or else
> you could clamp the packet sizes to the mss)

RDP as I know it, Remote Desktop Protocol used by Windows, uses tcp/3389. 
Blaming MTU is very likely though. So clamping would work just fine.


Ruben Laban
Senior Systems and Network Administrator
ISM eCompany

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