[Openswan Users] IPv6 status

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Tue Mar 9 18:37:32 EST 2010

Jason White  <jason at jasonjgw.net> wrote:

>An example of desired usage would be to encrypt all traffic destined to an
>IPv6 subnet, where the gateway belongs to the same subnet, e.g., the subnet is
>a /64 and the gateway is xxxx:xxx:xxxx::1

Following up to my own post, I managed to make this work without any
difficulties, with OpenSwan at both ends.

Specifying %defaultroute in any of the parameters gave an error stating that
the wrong address family was being used. For now, my only solution is to
specify the left/right and leftnexthop/rightnexthop parameters explicitly as
IPv6 addresses. This will become problematic later with my laptop, for
instance, which has different IPv6 addresses depending on whether it's at home
on my native IPv6 network or elsewhere, connected via an IPv6 over IPv4

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