[Openswan Users] pfkey_sock.c:30: error: 'PF_KEY' undeclared.

Ryan McLeod r.mcleod20 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 15:22:12 EDT 2010

Well i've been trying to find some information on a compiler for cygwin that
installs on linux. I havent had luck so far. but back to the error, make[3]:
> i686-pc-cygwin-gcc: command not found.

I have no /xelerance directory in either cygwin or ubuntu. Which leads me to
believe this is the root of the problem.

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Jul 2010, Ryan McLeod wrote:
>  I opened up ubuntu and ran the make command you suggested. Make came back
>> with the error:
>> make[3]: /xelerance/cross/win2k/bin/i686-pc-cygwin-gcc: command not found
>> make[3]: *** [addrtoa.o] Error 127
>> I'm not familiar with compiling, so not sure where to take it from here.
> You will have to install the cygwin cross compiler on Linux. There must be
> some
> howto floating around somewhere for ubuntu I am sure.
> Paul
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