[Openswan Users] 1DES cracked in 3 days with "commodity" hardware

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Jan 29 23:17:32 EST 2010

Why 1DES is dead.


 	Parallel Algorithm Leads to Crypto Breakthrough Massively parallel
 	algorithm iteratively decrypts fixed-size blocks of data

 	Pico Computing has announced that it has achieved the highest-known
 	benchmark speeds for 56-bit DES decryption, with reported throughput
 	of over 280 billion keys per second achieved using a single,
 	hardware-accelerated server.


 	When using a Pico FPGA cluster, however, each FPGA is able to perform
 	1.6 billion DES operations per second. A cluster of 176 FPGAs, installed
 	into a single server using standard PCI Express slots, is capable of
 	processing more than 280 billion DES operations per second. This means
 	that a key recovery that would take years to perform on a PC, even with
 	GPU acceleration, could be accomplished in less than three days on the
 	FPGA cluster.


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