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Thu Jan 21 15:20:46 EST 2010

Hello everybody,
I am asking for help after spending two days to get this working. I want to
connect from my ubuntu machine having a public ip address to couple of pcs
inside a corporation. These PCs have 172.x.x.x addresses. I dont have any
subnet behind my public machine that is running OpenSwan, that is the
machine that will do the talking to the PCS and also runs the OpenSwan. Is
it possible at all? The PCs are protected by a Cisco PIX. here is my
ipsec.conf file.

type=           tunnel

authby=         secret


 left=           xx.xx.xx.xx


leftnexthop=    %defaultroute


 right=          yy.yy.yy.yy


rightnexthop=   %defaultroute

esp=            3des-md5

 keyexchange=    ike

pfs=            no

 auto=           start

The tunnel itself is nto getting established, I keep getting Pluto error
NO_PROPOSAL accepted. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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