[Openswan Users] 2.4.15 and kernel panic?

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu
Thu Dec 16 21:47:09 EST 2010

Note the "?", please. This is more fodder for thought than a request for an 
answer. And I'm probably grasping at straw....

Smoothwall Express 3 uses Linux and Openswan 2.4.15. Once or twice 
in my testing to reproduce someone's VPN problem, I noticed that the system 
panic'ed and restarted while it was booting or shortly after.

Is there a possibility that and OS 2.4.15 don't like receiving IPSEC 
or setup packets while the system is booting? Or can't handle receiving setup 
packets out of order? Or a problem with how Smoothwall builds Openswan and 
the kernel module(s)? I don't believe this had been noted before 2.4.15.

As I said, stuff to ponder.

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