[Openswan Users] sanity check: alias address, firewall, klips address problem

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu
Fri Dec 3 19:50:18 EST 2010

On Thursday 02 December 2010 02:49:28 Neal Murphy wrote:
> However, if I add public IP address to right's public NIC
> aliased to before any traffic flows, strange things happen. For
> example if I 'ping' from, IPSEC sends the
> packets from When I change .10's address to something else,
> the problem persists. When I delete the alias, the problem
> persists. 'Iptables-save' shows no sign of the alias address. Yet it
> persists. IPSEC seems to use the first address it sees and never seems to
> change it after that.

Well, we found the problem. (Again, using plain KLIPS with OS 2.6.29.)

Aliases (one-to-one, I think) are being created with (for example)
  iptables -t nat -D portfw_post -o eth1 -m mark \
    --mark 0x80100000 -j SNAT --to-source

Changing it to:
  iptables -t nat -I portfw_post -o eth1 -s -m mark \
    --mark 0x80100000 -j SNAT --to-source

That fixed the problem.

Suppose eth1 has as its primary address and is added 
as another address, on eth1:1. (In fact, I believe it would break even if were added as a secondary address to eth1.) What would cause 
openswan/IPSEC to use the alias address instead of the primary? Clearly, 
failing to set the source address in the iptables rule caused the problem. 
But why?


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