[Openswan Users] Kernel Panic with Openswan

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Tue Sep 15 02:26:58 EDT 2009

Hossein Nikoonia <nikoonia at gmail.com> wrote on 15/09/2009 03:39:39 PM:

> Hi,
> I got your message to Openswan list about the kernel panic with 
> KLIPS. But i couldn't find the answer in the list.
> I'm getting the same error with Openswan 2.6.22 + ubuntu 
> Did you get it to work?
> I really appreciate any help!
> Thank you in advance.
> Hossein Nikoonia

Hi Hossein,

Gosh that was a while ago. I don't use ubuntu, so can only give you 
information from what I know on Centos / RHEL.

I found that there is limited support for KLIPS for 32 bit K2.6.xx 
RHEL/Centos, however the 64 bit will patch and work on K2.6.18 (On Centos) 
and people are actively following 64 bit from what I can tell.

Openswan 2.6.22 KLIPS works on RHEL5.1-2-3 and CENTOS 5.1-2-3. I have 
tested on Centos and use it currently. Just don't use the base version of 
the RHEL / Centos 5.1 kernel. it doesn't work well, so update it first. 
2.6.18-128.7.1.el5.centos.plusxen 64 bit works (yes xen works, so does 
2.6.18-128.7.1.el5.centos.plus 64 bit)

It also stops the kernel panic with nfs mounts across ipsec tunnels, 
however I can confirm that 32 bit with the above code does not work, 
however interestingly I did get it to work on 32 bit with one of the 
earlier kernel versions (albeit not stably as NFS mounts caused an oops)

Tell me how you go. I have copied the openswan list so others get the 
benefit of my input (for what it's worth).

I feel slack for not reporting more, Paul, et al. if you want to help me 
do this, I can report on the errors occurring in 32 bit  Centos to help 
fix it up. I may need a few pointers to get me to a level that I can 
provide meaningful reporting, so PM to my email might be needed. I would 
be happy to get 32 bit going so we don't have to upgrade hardware on a 
heap of appliances out there that we still use K2.4.xx on.

And, just a quick thank you to the great work of the Openswan people.



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