[Openswan Users] weird problem

Maverick maverick.pt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 06:08:02 EDT 2009


I disabled iptables and still can't Access any ip on the other side of the

Do you think this could be some kind of configuration on the cisco side?

When I have the tunnel started on another machine of my lan all goes fine.

But now that is going directly on the machine that has the internet
interface the other side can access my lan but I can't access the other side

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On Sat, 12 Sep 2009, Maverick wrote:

> Ok, but that POSTROUTING rule i added after I detected the problem, I just
> removed it again and I still can't access the machines on the other side
> the tunnel.

The other one is also a problem. You need to exlude the remote subnet
from being NAT'ed using -d \!a.b.c.0/24


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