[Openswan Users] need some help to configure openswan on net to net

reza issanyr at olympecti.fr
Fri Sep 11 03:01:27 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,


Sorry for my bad English, I'm a French people.


I'm trying to configure two linux server on net-to-net ipsec. Each server has the same subnet :


Linux A à - WAN A IP --------------------- WAN B IP - ß Linux B


I have try to use the tuto on the openswan wiki, but I don't have any key in ipsec.secret



I tried to use the newhostkey without any success. The tool stay blocked to "Wait Pid".


So I'd like to create key and cert file on Linux A to permit to Linux B to establish the tunnel.

Do you have an exemple of configuration to do that please ?


On Linux A, I already have a CA, so I can create others auto-signed certificates.


Thanks in advance for your helps.




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