[Openswan Users] IPSEC/Pluto terminating

Warren Pountain Warren at onebyte.net
Mon Sep 7 07:51:39 EDT 2009



We are having a problem with IPSEC/Pluto terminating randomly with the
following error generated by ausearch.


Issue command 'ausearch --start today -m ANOM_ABEND'


Displays this result.



time->Thu Sep  3 12:59:24 2009

type=ANOM_ABEND msg=audit(1251979164.391:871): auid=500 uid=0 gid=0
ses=22 subj=user_u:system_r:ipsec_t:s0 pid=15595 comm="pluto" sig=11


time->Thu Sep  3 14:22:56 2009

type=ANOM_ABEND msg=audit(1251984176.797:1140): auid=500 uid=0 gid=0
ses=22 subj=user_u:system_r:ipsec_t:s0 pid=17351 comm="pluto" sig=11



I am a newbie with this program and any help diagnosing this would be


Thanks in advance,



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