[Openswan Users] L2TP over openswan

Freeman Wang xwang at ubicom.com
Mon Nov 30 20:36:36 EST 2009

It turns out proxy arp is a solution :)


From: Freeman Wang 
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 4:05 PM
To: 'users at openswan.org'
Subject: L2TP over openswan

Is it possible to set up l2tp/ipsec connection using openswan and xl2tpd
and make the box working as a layer 2 bridge?
This is the basic setup.
LAN server 1 (    <---> [  VPN Gateway]     <--->  VPN client (
With l2tpd and pppd running on the VPN gateway, the VPN client is able
to create a ppp connection ( <--> to the
VPN gateway and ping the LAN server 1. However, the broadcast packets
sent by the LAN server can not be seen by the VPN client working on a
different subnet 192.168.254.x. Is there any known solution?
Ideally, I hope l2tpd could give us a layer 2 tunnel interface so that
we can add it to the LAN side bridge interface. But it looks xl2tdp does
not create such an interface and it seems unavailable in the conf
If l2tpd can not provide a layer 2 interface, can we use klips's tunnel
interface? It seems to be a layer 3 interface too, right?
Will proxy arp help here? Has anybody done similar configuration?
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