[Openswan Users] saref patch

Giovani Moda giovani at mrinformatica.com.br
Tue Nov 24 07:05:07 EST 2009

Hello agains list.


Now that klips is almost good to go, I would like to pick up where we
stopped on the saref matter. I was trying to port saref patch from
kernel-2.6.16 to CentOS kernel-2.6.18, but I am still unable to compile
the kernel with the patch applied. I'm attaching the patch so you can
take a look. What happens is, with the patch applied, it complains about
missing references to ip_cmsg_recv_ipsec and ip_cmsg_send_ipsec on
ip_sockglue.c, even with klips patch applied to kerne, generated with
'make kernelpatch' against openswan-2.6.24rc3 source. The error I get
during compilation is


net/built-in.o: In function `ip_cmsg_send':

ue.c:207: undefined reference to `ip_cmsg_send_ipsec'

net/built-in.o: In function `ip_cmsg_recv':

ue.c:175: undefined reference to `ip_cmsg_recv_ipsec'

make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1


Looking on klips patch, I can see those functions on the files create by
the patch ipsec_rcv.c and ipsec_mast.c. I also noticed that both of them
have a 




before them. Could that be the reason why the reference is not found? Is
there some option that should be enable on the kernel config or a
variable that should be set somewhere in the code to make the reference
available for the saref patch? 







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