[Openswan Users] both are NATed: xp vs vista

Eray Aslan eray.aslan at caf.com.tr
Thu Nov 12 15:17:20 EST 2009


We have a server connecting roadwarriors to HQ via openswan.  Server has
2 connections to outside world.  One connection is direct and the other
is behind NAT.  Roadwarriors are almost always behind NAT.

Vista clients can establish SA to both connections with no problems.  XP
clients can only connect to the conn of the direct connection but not
to the connection behind NAT.

openswan 2.4.15 using netkey
kernel 2.6.30

Any pointers? To recap: XP cannot connect to server behind NAT but Vista

Scheduling maintenance for trying 2.6.24rc2 is difficult but I can try
if it is a known problem.


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