[Openswan Users] Question regarding the possibility of using multiple ipsecX interfaces

John Donath John.Donath at espritxb.nl
Tue Nov 10 11:05:30 EST 2009


I am working on a solution to supply IPSEC tunnels to multiple customers regardless of there internal networks which of course may overlap.

A possible approach is based on the introduction of multi-routing tables (iproute2) where each customer has is own routing table on the IPSEC box.
To select the proper routing table I need to FWMARK (iptables) packets coming in on certain ipsecX interface.

Now I have two related questions, e.g.:

How many ipsecX interfaces can be defined (when using KLIPS)?

Can I have multiple ipsecX interfaces bound to one physical Ethernet interface?

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards,
John Donath

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