[Openswan Users] rightsubnet parameter question

Ronald loloski at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 5 03:27:07 EST 2009

Good day gents, I'm fairly new to the list, i'm really sorry if this question has been asked before, I was given a task to Interop with Cisco PIX today in tandem with 7206 router.

I'm fairly confuse as what is the real definition of rightsubnet, I'll attach here to a simple ascii diagram to demonstrate my confusion.

Centos 5.3 / Openswan 2.6.23

Linux -> (public) -> (public) Cisco Pix (Cisco Unity) -> unknown ip   (Cisco 7206) NATed network (
Local Network (

openswan config

conn net-net

left =
leftsubnet =
leftnexthop = %defaultroute

right =
rightsubnet =
rightnexthop = %defaultroute

type = tunnel

ike = 3des-md5
esp = 3des-md5
auth = esp
pfs = no
auto = start

my problem is the cisco side is having an error in quick mode the tunnel on peer
in openswan my error is something like this

Nov 5 08:16:08 openswan-gw pluto[31064]: "net-net" #1: ignoring 

informational payload, type NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN 
I'm really sorry the system in question was done for a while, and that's the reason i can't give you the ipsec barf output.

I already google this up a couple of days ago, and and lead me to believe that this has something to do with subnet declaration on both side, not on a mismatch on crypto settings

For your input and guidance.

Best regards,

Ronaldo Chan

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