[Openswan Users] NULL encryption error message

Nick Howitt n1ck.h0w1tt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 09:21:29 EST 2009

Have a look in Makefile.inc. It looks like you can set 

Also from the ipsec.conf(8) man pages:
"If Openswan was compiled with extra INSECURE and BROKEN options, then 
the des (1des) and null cipher, as well as modp768 are available. This 
turns your VPN into a joke. Do not enable these options. "
But I'm not sure where you set this.


On 01/11/2009 13:58, Sven Schiwek wrote:
> On Nov 1, 2009, at 11:47 AM, farajian amin wrote:
>> Can anybody help me , how can i enable NULL encryption in openswan
>> 2.6.23.Any user Configuration?
>> We are using KLIPS... Any kernel configuration ?
>> I want it to perform a perfomance test of IPSEC protocol stack.
>> I have set esp="null" in ipsec.conf  file and also
>> I have set USE_NOCRYPTO ?=true and USE_WEAKSTAFF?=true but still
>> receiving
>>   *****requested kernel enc ealg_id=11 not present
>> ******can not initiate: no acceptable kernel algorithms loaded
> I don't know if Openswan support this, but have you set
> "CONFIG_CRYPTO_NULL=Y" in the Kernel config?
> Sven
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