[Openswan Users] tunnel monitoring and alerting

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Wed May 27 17:21:54 EDT 2009

richard witt schrieb:
> What is everyone else using to alert when tunnels go down? We have
> MANY site to site tunnels and it seems here lately that some of them
> tend to drop for some reason and we are not alerted until the next
> day. I was thinking about just using some kind of regex tool like SEC
> to monitor the logs and then fire off an alert, but SNMP with nagios
> or solarwinds would probably be a better solution if we could get
> those to work.

I am running a little script on the "client" side of the connection
which pings a system behind the server, kind of a poor man's DPD, but it
does not depend on the availability and quality of DPD. It checks for
the ICMP return and after a certain number of misses it fires a tunnel
restart. If that fails too for a long time, it triggers the system's
watchdog.  It works quite well for me.

> We would also like the ability to monitor the tunnels for the amount
> of traffic going across them. We are constantly having to "prove" that
> the tunnels are working fine and that the "slowness" is actually the
> applications that are going across the tunnels and their response
> times. We currently use Cacti to monitor all of our
> switches/routers/servers for this kind of information but i have not
> see where we can monitor the tunnel traffic between sites. Any
> suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Smokeping or something similar, MRTG for the traffic



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