[Openswan Users] Cipher suites, Hash algo and DH group support

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Fri May 22 03:38:30 EDT 2009


Thanks for the hint, I am about to write a web front end to the *Swan
suite and want it to make as verstile as possible

000 algorithm ESP encrypt: id=3, name=ESP_3DES, ivlen=64,
keysizemin=192, keysizemax=192
000 algorithm ESP encrypt: id=12, name=ESP_AES, ivlen=128,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=256
000 algorithm ESP auth attr: id=1, name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_HMAC_MD5,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=128
000 algorithm ESP auth attr: id=2, name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_HMAC_SHA1,
keysizemin=160, keysizemax=160
000 algorithm ESP auth attr: id=9, name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_AES_CBC,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=128
000 algorithm IKE encrypt: id=5, name=OAKLEY_3DES_CBC, blocksize=8,
000 algorithm IKE encrypt: id=7, name=OAKLEY_AES_CBC, blocksize=16,
000 algorithm IKE hash: id=1, name=OAKLEY_MD5, hashsize=16
000 algorithm IKE hash: id=2, name=OAKLEY_SHA1, hashsize=20
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=2, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1024, bits=1024
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=5, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1536, bits=1536
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=14, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP2048, bits=2048
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=15, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP3072, bits=3072
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=16, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP4096, bits=4096
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=17, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP6144, bits=6144
000 algorithm IKE dh group: id=18, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP8192, bits=8192

OK this is rather straightforward, I see thes 3DES and AES is supported,
but using a single test case

000 "FOODLE":   IKE algorithms wanted: IDEA(5)_000-MD5(1)-5,
IDEA(5)_000-SHA1(2)-5, IDEA(5)_000-MD5(
000 "FOODLE":   IKE algorithms found:  IDEA(5)_192-MD5(1)_128-5,
IDEA(5)_192-SHA1(2)_160-5, IDEA(5)_
000 "FOODLE":   ESP algorithms wanted: 3DES(3)_000-MD5(1),
3DES(3)_000-SHA1(2), flags=strict
000 "FOODLE":   ESP algorithms loaded: 3DES(3)_000-MD5(1),
3DES(3)_000-SHA1(2), flags=strict

I see that IDEA appears to be another algorithm for phase one, but it
does not show up in the list above. The FOODLE connection just specifies


What I need is a complete list of the supported algorithm from the local
running implementation, so I can present those in a list.


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