[Openswan Users] 'No such process' And 'Resource temporarily unavailable'

Faizan Syed consultant77pk at yahoo.com
Fri May 1 18:20:06 EDT 2009

Hi Paul,

I tried everything .. using yum to get best from repository and 2.4.18 and 
latest binary 2.6 but same error in CentOS 5.
I am not worried about error but it replies after 30secs due to which some 
of my aplication dependent on VPN crashes.
I can accept any bogus error but immediatly may be timout or resource 
unavailable but this error comes after exactly 30secs.
any solution or something which is in 4.3 and not in 5,

I am ruining two Cent 4.3 servers both reply imediatly with 'Resource 
temporarily unavailable' but centos i get this new error
and it come after hang of 30 secs...

Faizan Syed

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> On Fri, 1 May 2009, Faizan Syed wrote:
>> I am experiencing some issue here,
>> On Centos 4.3 (Openswan 2.4.18) when vpn link is down and try to ping
>> immediately this error occurs
>> connect: Resource temporarily unavailable
> I believe this is the bogus -EAGAIN error that Dave Miller decided
> to return, breaking POSIX. This related to policies being loaded
> into the kernel for which no IPsec SA s established, so a signal is
> sent to userland to try and establish a new tunnel.
> Patches were merged into 2.4.x at some point that should have addressed
> this for NETKEY. On KLIPS it was never a problem, as it handles packet
> caching when tunnels are temporarilly unavailable correctly.
>> But on Centos 5 (Openswan 2.4 and 2.6 tried both) whne vpn is down it
>> give this error but after waiting 30secs when try to ping dead peer..
>> connect: No such process
> Can you confirm that this is a kernel issue and not a openswan version
> issue by trying the same 2.4.18 openswan on the centos 5 kernel?
> Paul 

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