[Openswan Users] 'No such process' And 'Resource temporarily unavailable'

Faizan Syed consultant77pk at yahoo.com
Fri May 1 08:13:32 EDT 2009

I am experiencing some issue here, 

On Centos 4.3 (Openswan 2.4.18) when vpn link is down and try to ping immediately this error occurs
connect: Resource temporarily unavailable

But on Centos 5 (Openswan 2.4 and 2.6 tried both) whne vpn is down it give this error but after waiting 30secs when try to ping dead peer..
connect: No such process

first error doesnt effect my application but on centos 5 my application crashes when a vpn is down due to 30secs wait and this new error,, although all the configs are same.. how can i achieve the prevouse centos 4.3 error, 

Am i missing anything in centos ??? and whats the difference between two.


Faizan Syed 
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