[Openswan Users] Can't find conn

simon charles charlessimon at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 13 14:16:10 EDT 2009

Hi !
    From the ipsec.conf file it seems that your left and right are mixed up. This is what i gather from the ipsec.conf file
"rightid=-the local FQDN on the router-"  - so you are using right as the "local network"
"leftid=-the remote FQDN on the router-"  and left as "remote network"

Since left is "remote network for you" -- hence
"left=%defaultroute" -- should actually be "left={ip addr of the left device}". Assigning the "%defaultroute" would be true only for local network.

Try "ipsec auto --status" to find out if the configuration "firstTry" is loaded into running configuration. If its not - then there is problem in your conn definition and the reason why "ipsec auto --up firstTry" gives you "no connection found" error.

- Simon Charles - 

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 00:06:49 -0700
From: sullivan at mayachitra.com
To: users at openswan.org
Subject: [Openswan Users] Can't find conn

Hi. I have, hopefully, an easy question.  I'm trying to connect to my work's netgear VPN.  From the wiki I've hopefully set up my ipsec.conf, and I wanted to give it a try, but trying the tutorial "ipsec auto --up connection-name":

$ sudo ipsec auto --up firstTry
021 no connection named "firstTry"

but I thought I set it up such that there was a connection called firstTry:

$ more /etc/ipsec.conf
# right: remote
# left: local

version 2
config setup

conn firstTry
    right=-work ip-
    leftid=-the remote FQDN on the router-
    rightid=-the local FQDN on the router-

What am I doing wrong?  

Also if anything in the .conf file looks wrong, it probably is, so feel free to criticize.

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