[Openswan Users] Kernel Error was:[Re: Kernel-2.6.27 and nat-t patch]

Sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Tue Jun 30 12:08:39 EDT 2009

"Paul Wouters" wrote:
> You could:
> - use the old style nat-t patch to patch 2.6.27 kernel and recompile
> - use KLIPS from openswan 2.6.22 that should work with 2.6.27
> - use userland from openswan 2.4.15 that should work with klips from 2.6.x

I am sorry but I have confusion about steps required for to complete 
For nat-t patch I use:
and after this installation I enable NAT-T (with make xconfig) and recompile 
Then I install openswan 2.6.22 in this mode:

#tar -zxvf openswan-2.6.22.tar.gz
#cd /root/openswan-2.6.22
#export KERNELSRC=/lib/modules/'uname -r'/build
#make module26
#make minstall26
#depmod -a
#modprobe ipsec
#make programs
#make install
#ipsec --version

..but how can I use userland from openswan 2.4.15 if I have already 
installed Openswan 2.6.22 version ?


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