[Openswan Users] Major problems with multiple tunnels on Fedora 11

Marek Greško gresko at thr.sk
Sat Jun 27 13:24:29 EDT 2009

> > The only issue I am now stuggling with is this:
> >
> > I have USB 3G modem connected with static public IP address to an Win XP
> > client which uses IPsec without NAT to an static public IP address range.
> > When I disconnect the modem, connect it to my Linux box without IPsec
> > configured and try to connect to the same IP range I get no answer until
> > restart of IPsec on the remote gateway. I understand what is going on.
> > The remote gateway holds the IPsec policy and tries to communicate
> > through previously created IPsec tunnel. But I have DPD (with policy
> > clear) configured and the tunnel never stops. Isn't the DPD intended to
> > be used to put down the tunnel when the oposite side does not use it?
> DPD only works if both ends support it. AFAIK, Windows XP does not support
> DPD.
> However, if you have uniqueids=yes,then setting up a new connection from a
> different IP should always replace the old connection. There is a specific
> "udp port 500 hole" for this. That is, the "drop all unencrypted" traffic
> excludes unencrypted udp 500 for this exact reason.

Strange. By manual the uniqueids is yes by default. I did not change it. When 
I put the Windows machine by NAT behind my Linux box and I restat ipsec on it, 
it works. But my Linux box still cannot reach the protected network until 
restat of ipsec on the remote side.


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