[Openswan Users] Updating the interface address problem

Nikolay Dvoeglazov nikolay at dvoeglazov.ru
Fri Jun 26 20:09:31 EDT 2009


I am having a problem with updating my interface's IP address after a script tries to re-establish a tunnel on uplink failure.

I have a script change my variables in a connection file and it does: ipsec auto --down, then ipsec --replace and then ipsec --up on the specific connection. The connection description gets updated, but not the interface's address.

000 interface lo/lo
000 interface eth0/eth0
000 interface eth1/eth1
000 interface wimax0/wimax0 "old_ip_addess"
000 %myid = (none)

000 "conntest":*.*.*.* [@host1]---...*.*.*.*---"new_ip"[@host2]===; unrouted; eroute owner: #0

I see a --iam address at interface mentioned in the ipsec --help output, but I couldn't get it to work, and the documentation seems sparse on that, so is Google.

Is there any way I can update the interface's IP apart from doing a full restart of the IPSEC subsystem?

Thank you,

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